Saturday, August 6, 2011

Introduction to Embroidery - August 13th

Join us on Saturday, August 13, 11-2pm for this introduction to embroidery. Students will begin their very own embroidery stitch sampler. Students will make a sampler by following a pattern and will also have the opportunity to monogram their initials. Each student is invited to experiment and add to the traditional sampler.

Topics include basic skills of choosing and preparing the fabric, using the hoop, and threading the needle, transfer techniques, anchoring stitches (to knot or plunge), to finishing the project for final display. Eight traditional embroidery stitches will be taught: Running stitch (blue), Backstitch (blue), Split stitch (green), Feather stitch (lime green), Backstitch variation (orange and pink), French Knots (red), Chain stitch (light purple), Blanket stitch (purple). With the skills learned, you will be able to continue making beautiful pieces of art or simply embellish items of your own. Visit our website to register online.

Materials Included
• 6" embroidery hoop
• white cotton fabric
• floss of varying colors
• crewel needles
• transfer paper
• sample pattern

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