Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tiny Dallas = BIG HEARTS

We are excited about the arrival of a new resource for Dallas families and friends. Tiny Dallas is the creation of a group of smart, talented, and lovely women. The website offers insight into the creative possibilities that aren't always obvious in this big city we call home. Thanks ladies, we look forward to learning more about what you hold close to your hearts!!!

Leonardo da Vinci - Inventor and Artist

This week our after school students learned about the Italian inventor, painter and sculptor...Leonardo da Vinci. After examining drawings of inventions from his sketchbooks, students diagrammed their own fantastic inventions. Anatomy books and specimens from nature were used as resources for ideas and design. Students drew with walnut ink, similar to the inks used during Leonardo da Vinci's lifetime and bound their finished sketches in leather notebooks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Intro to Weaving with June Covington - This Saturday, April 2 10-1pm

Join us this Saturday, April 2, 10-1pm for our fist weaving class. People all over the earth make all the fabric they need on looms assembled from sticks which support a warp into which they weave local fibers and exotic threads into patterns of unlimited designs. Class participants will assemble a simple "spiderweb" loom made from fallen branches and weave a wall-hanging of rich design using yarn, threads, wool and fabric scraps of varied colors and patterns. The branches for the looms can be left in place to provide the means to hang the finished work on the wall.  Click here to register online.

Instructor: June Covington
Price: $50

Felting with Lizzy Wetzel Sunday, April 3, 11-2pm

Join us this Sunday, April 3, 11-2pm for the next installment of our popular felting series. Our super teacher, Lizzy Wetzel recently attended an intensive felting workshop and is bringing all that she learned to our next workshops. Learn to work with prefelts, new materials and helpful techniques. Students will have the choice of creating a small felted plant pocket or "essentials only" purse while exploring this versatile artform. The class will delve into traditional and new processes and materials. All tools and fibers are included. This class is limited to eight students. Register soon to reserve a table. Click here to register online.
Price: $65

Anémic Cinéma Film Series Presents: "Stalker" (Tarkovsky 1979)

Join us 8:30pm this evening for a viewing of Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker. Tarkovsky was a Soviet and Russian filmmaker, writer, film editor, film theorist and opera director, widely regarded as on the finest filmmakers of the 20th century.

Stalker is a 1979 science fiction with a screenplay loosely based on the novel Roadside Picnic. It depicts an expedition led by the Stalker (guide) to bring his two clients to a site known as the Zone, which has the supposed potential to fulfill a person's innermost desires. Bring drinks and snacks to share with your film friends.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Matthew Cusick Reception

Thanks to all that came out for the Matthew Cusick Reception. We look forward to hosting more artists, curators and community events in our new addition.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Week at Oil and Cotton

Our adult open media class started this week. Students worked outside and enjoyed the sunset while exploring collage. Registration for this Wednesday evening class is ongoing. Visit our website to learn more.
Our after school young artists are studying the mysteries of Egyptian art...
Weekly art classes are available year-round, and students can start at anytime. Spring Session is through May 28, and you may join a class at anytime for a partial session prorated at $20 per week. Visit our website to learn more.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Matthew Cusick Reception - This Saturday 6 to 9pm

Join us this Saturday from 6-9pm for a closing reception of an exhibition by Matthew Cusick.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Collage, Landscapes, and Economy...

This week our after school students were introduced to simplified landscapes by Georgia O'Keeffe. Students were encouraged to learn economy in representation and created torn paper landscape collages. Class discussion included the use of color value and the distillation of complex forms into simplified shapes. Students also had the opportunity view Matthew Cusick's large collage of crashing waves. Students responded to Matt's artwork and created their own desert and seaside landscapes.
Installing Matt's artwork and our resident artist, Katy Rose.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Camp - Painting a Clover Field and Rainbow Dioramas

Our Spring Break Camp week was full of wonderful students, leaning and sharing. Look for our summer camps to be posted soon. Visit our website for updated information about workshops and classes.
Kayli taught students how to paint a landscape of clover fields. Students experimented with different types of brushes, brush strokes, blending, modeling and color mixing. Class ended with a group critique.
Our younger students made an Emerald City Diorama. The children used a variety of recycled materials like corks, yarns, and papers to construct and imaginary land of rainbows and glitter.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dream Catchers and Quilt Blocks

Hula hoops were transformed into dream catchers. Students wrapped hoops with various papers and yarns. Knots were tied and webs were woven. After our afternoon break, we painted pine cones collected by friends and family. Feathers were attached to allow the good dreams to climb into our sleepy heads.
Kids enacting bad dreams warded off by their dream catchers...
Good dreams...
Students explored the tradition of quilt blocks and color value. Tumbling block and star collages were constructed with fabrics.
Charcoal rubbings were transferred to textured paper from their quilt block collages.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break Camp - Rainbows, Balloons, and Books

Today was day one of our spring break camps. Students painted, made hot air balloon sculptures and flag books. Here are just a few photographs from our color filled class.
Drawing the hot air balloons made earlier in class...
Flag books were made with wood boards donated by a local architect. The boards were decorated with Japanese paper tapes.
Hot air balloon sculptures made with paper and recycled cereal boxes.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Celebration

Tomorrow we will be making Mardi Gras Masks for the kids at Repotted from 3-4pm. See you at the parade!