Saturday, August 6, 2011

Introduction to Embroidery - August 13th

Join us on Saturday, August 13, 11-2pm for this introduction to embroidery. Students will begin their very own embroidery stitch sampler. Students will make a sampler by following a pattern and will also have the opportunity to monogram their initials. Each student is invited to experiment and add to the traditional sampler.

Topics include basic skills of choosing and preparing the fabric, using the hoop, and threading the needle, transfer techniques, anchoring stitches (to knot or plunge), to finishing the project for final display. Eight traditional embroidery stitches will be taught: Running stitch (blue), Backstitch (blue), Split stitch (green), Feather stitch (lime green), Backstitch variation (orange and pink), French Knots (red), Chain stitch (light purple), Blanket stitch (purple). With the skills learned, you will be able to continue making beautiful pieces of art or simply embellish items of your own. Visit our website to register online.

Materials Included
• 6" embroidery hoop
• white cotton fabric
• floss of varying colors
• crewel needles
• transfer paper
• sample pattern

Miniature Navajo Rug Weaving at Oil and Cotton

In this introductory class students began a (6"x9") Navajo rug on a wooden frame-loom using traditional methods and materials combined with makeshift tools like rulers and forks. Students learned terms and skills used in frame-loom weaving. Hand dyed churro wool was used to weave on the frame with a yarn weft and cotton warp. Weaving tools included shuttles (ruler), beaters (forks), yarn needles, tensioner devices and heddles.

Students explored tapestry weave, warp faced-weaving, plain weave and learned tensioning, joining, tying-up, warping the loom, and planning the design. Traditional patterns using symbols from nature and history informed our weaving and spiritual aspects of geometric shapes (all a part of planning the weaving) were discussed.
Learn more about our fiber arts classes on our website. Our next fiber classes will explore the tradition of Embroidery and the magic of Shibori dying and Indigo!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back Porch Studio at Oil and Cotton - Week Two

Our team has braved the heat and began construction this week. The building process has involved changes and rethinking of the original design. The students have handled design challenges with creativity and resourcefulness. Thanks to all of the helping hands making this project move forward.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fall Weekly Classes for Children - Early Registration!!!

Fall Weekly Classes - September 6 through November 19
*Save 25% when you register by September 1.

Art for ages 3 to 6*
Tuesdays 10:30, 3:30, Wednesdays 4:30, or Thursdays at 3:30 or 4:30.  
Draw, paint, sculpt and collage to learn art elements and art history. This fall we will learn texture with Van Gogh, value with Ansel Adams, and line with Picasso. Small class emphasizes self-expression, motor skill development and sharing.  
$220 for 11 weeks. Register by Sept 1 and pay just $165.   

Tues 4:30, 5:30 (tweens), Wed 3:30, 5:30, or Thurs 4:30 or 5:30 (teens) 
Focus on drawing skills, sketchbook development, and independent visual expression as we learn to work with various art materials. Learn art elements, principles, and history through hands-on studies and critique. Students will have the opportunity to visit museums and galleries, drawing inspiration from working artists, engaging with classmates in the studio and making interactive projects.   
$220 for 11 weeks + $25 supply kit. Register by Sept 1 for just $190.  

Tuesdays 3:45-4:30
Join Gretchen House for a fun yoga class. Students enjoy the benefits of the poses as they build comradery and self-esteem through yoga practice. Stay for art class and have an extra mellow after school day. Register by Sept 1 for just $123.75.   

Wednesdays 11:00-12:00 (or schedule your group)   
Choose from a month to the full 35-week curriculum to explore art history from ancient times to the present. Students learn art elements, principles, techniques and terms as they study great art and create a finished project each month. Work in a variety of materials, including charcoal, pen & ink, acrylic, watercolor, wood, and wire. Parents participate in weekly constructive critiques for continued learning at home. $350/year + $75 supplies (Monthly available at $80/mo).