Saturday, August 6, 2011

Miniature Navajo Rug Weaving at Oil and Cotton

In this introductory class students began a (6"x9") Navajo rug on a wooden frame-loom using traditional methods and materials combined with makeshift tools like rulers and forks. Students learned terms and skills used in frame-loom weaving. Hand dyed churro wool was used to weave on the frame with a yarn weft and cotton warp. Weaving tools included shuttles (ruler), beaters (forks), yarn needles, tensioner devices and heddles.

Students explored tapestry weave, warp faced-weaving, plain weave and learned tensioning, joining, tying-up, warping the loom, and planning the design. Traditional patterns using symbols from nature and history informed our weaving and spiritual aspects of geometric shapes (all a part of planning the weaving) were discussed.
Learn more about our fiber arts classes on our website. Our next fiber classes will explore the tradition of Embroidery and the magic of Shibori dying and Indigo!

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