Friday, September 5, 2014

colorplay @ Raza Cosmica


color play
Exhibition by Jon Vogt and Abby Sherril at Raza Cosmica, an Oil and Cotton window gallery.

August 10 - September 5, 2014

Closing Reception September 5th, 7:00pm
Jon Vogt and Abby Sherrill, graduate students at the University of North Texas, collaborated to produce color play, currently on view at Oil and Cotton through September 5th. Their window installation explores the interplay of color relationships through formal abstraction and pattern. The relatable materials of tissue paper and string are used in consideration of the active learning community of artists young and old who participate at Oil and Cotton. Viewers are invited to contemplate and interact with the piece from both outside and inside the space. Light is an important part of the installation, as the visual interaction created by layers of colored tissue paper is transformed according to the position of the viewer and the time of day. A grid pattern is applied and translated between each window display through use of materials to create organizational clarity and movement. In contrast to the playful color of color play, negative space and absent color reflects and celebrates the creative potential of each viewer. 


I would like to introduce Raza Cosmica to the Oil and Cotton community. Raza Cosmica is a window gallery devoted to collaborations between craft and fine art. Installations this year will feature artists of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. Located both in the classroom and on W. 7th Street, artwork on display will aid in the education of Oil and Cotton students and Oak Cliff visitors.

This Friday, September 5th at 7 pm will be the closing reception of colorplay, an installation by Jon Vogt and Abby Sherrill. Guests are invited to create their own color study inspired by Josef Alber’s Homage to the Square.

To see more works by Jon Vogt and Abby Sherrill, please visit their sites.


For more information or inquiries about Raza Cosmica, please contact:

Analise Minjarez                         


Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange of Dallas         


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