Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Read-rite Market

Join Oil and Cotton for  a fantastic celebration of the written word! We believe in the power of language and are here to show that printed text is here to stay!

The READ-RITE MARKET, a temporary market place with FREE events and programming that highlight the written word and the social arts of reading and writing. The READ-RITE is Saturday, July 20, 10-6pm at Oil and Cotton. The event will create opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations with performance, visual artists and more. JOIN US!!!

Take a look at our event descriptions here

Enjoy a new book after participating in our very special book trade.

Write a post card to another Read-rite visitor and receive one in return by mail.

Experience the celestial quality of Andrea Estrada's Intuitive Calligraphy performance as she looks into your soul and gifts you with a word written in her fine script.

The possibilities are endless, here at the Read-rite Market!

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange
837 W. 7th StreetDallas, Texas 75208
Hours of Operation: 10am - 6pm 

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