Monday, July 22, 2013


Oil and Cotton is pleased to announce the OIL AND COTTON PROJECT ROOM, an installation that features FREE workshops, events and activities, highlighting an exciting mix of education and art-making practices, in conjunction with the exhibition DallasSITES: Available Space at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Oil and Cotton is a creative commons for learning and sharing ideas. This exhibition is a mini-version of our Oak Cliff location, where we facilitate creative education and cultural exchange for all ages. The heart of our programming is at the intersection of academic art, the tradition of handcraft, and human ingenuity.

Join us for a series of workshops, events, and projects that explore process, material, and art making for all.

5-12am Friday, July 19: Opening Night
COLLECT & SORT: The public is invited to add to our collection of donated materials and bring in their old art and craft supplies to build out studio at the DMA. Help Oil and Cotton owners Kayli House Cusick and Shannon Driscoll collect, sort, and organize. Inventory will be available to museum visitors to use in make and take activities.

Architect Esther Walker will put finishing touches on her design of the Oil and Cotton Project Room in the Available Space exhibition at the DMA. Visitors will be invited to ask questions, view sketches, and learn about architectural processes. Drop-In, All Ages

1-4pm, Saturday, July 20
TEJIDO: Fiber artist, Sarah Westrup, will take up residency in our DMA studio. Sarah will weave the Spanish language into our space by labeling storage areas and sorted bins in Spanish. She will create a glossary of fiber art terms in a small English/Spanish vocabulary book. She will make the book throughout the day and invite people to assist with the bookmaking process: printing, collating and binding culminating in a limited edition handmade bilingual book. Drop-In, all ages.

11-3pm, Saturday, July 20
BULB BASKET WEAVING: Expert weaver Jan Schmidt will teach students an open weave pattern. The baskets will function as storage during our exhibition and may be taken home after the exhibition. The basket begins by making a star pattern base, then a small thin reed is woven around and around to form the bulbous body of the basket. Woven in the round in your lap to take on a beautiful organic shape. Observe a workshop in progress.

5-6pm Thursday, July 25
SUMMER STUDIO: The first of three one-hour kids studio art classes taught by Oil and Cotton weekly art class instructor Jessica Sinks. This 3-week drawing course responds to current exhibitions. Advanced registration required through DMA, ages 7 to 18.

6-8:30pm Thursday, July 25: Late Night
WEAVE-IN: Join June Covington, Analise Minjarez, and  University of North Texas School of Visual Arts and Design fiber artists for a variety of weaving demonstrations while discussing fiber arts, the ins and outs of weaving, its history and potential. Drop-In Make & Take, all ages.

6-8pm Thursday, July 25: Late Night
NATURAL DYEING DEMO: Experiment with dyeing silk and cotton in a range of natural dye baths using black beans, hibiscus flowers, and avocado pits.  Unlike synthetic dyes, natural dyes are a living thing. The colors produced are very complex and harmonize together. Each color holds hints of other colors within it, producing vibrations in the natural dye color that synthetic dyes could never have. Experience the spontaneity and beauty of the unique colors produced with natural dyes with artist Sarah Westrup. Drop-In Make & Take, all ages.

1-3pm Friday, July 26
PRINT//PROOF: Join us for an introduction to printmaking with artist Kyle Hobratschk.
Drop-In Make & Take, all ages.

11-1pm Saturday, July 27
ORB: Join artist Emily Riggert and her Community Art Camp students for Project ORB (Operation Rainbow Brains). Make your mark with colorful pastel on tree rings and sticks. Drop-In Make & Take, all ages.

1-4pm Saturday, July 27
MEMORY JUGS: Bruce Webb will teach his memory jugs workshop and display and discuss his collection of 19th-20th century memory jugs by African-American Texan folk artists. Advanced registration required through DMA, 8-student maximum.

Wednesday, July 31
Natalie Macellaio Workshop

Thursday, August 1
SUMMER STUDIO: The second of three one-hour kids studio art classes taught by Oil and Cotton weekly art class instructor Jessica Sinks. This 3-week drawing course responds to current exhibitions. Advanced registration required through DMA, ages 7 to 18.

 6-8:30pm Thursday, August 1: Late Night
SOUND MATERIALS: Explore sound art with a discussion and hands-on demonstration of sound mediums. With Kayli House Cusick (hand-written music notation), David Karsten Daniels (laptop/smartphone recording), Martin Back (sound art instrument-building/automated gamelan), and Chaz Underriner (tape music: sound portraits & landscapes).

Friday, August 2
COLOR SORT: Observe and play with the subtleties of working with color.  Join artist Rebecca Carter for an interactive exercise and glimpse into her semester course in color, its theory, concepts and history. Drop-In, teens & adults.

11-Noon Saturday, August 3
THE YANKEE DOODLES: Please join us for The Yankee Doodles Sing-A-Lot Sing-A-Long. There will be a short musical program of American Revolutionary era songs and action rhymes performed by The Yankee Doodles featuring John Dufilho on drums and guitar. Families can participate in a hands-on art activities including spinning wool into yarn. Learn about art, history and individual versus collective action. Come sing along and bring all tiny patriots and future revolutionaries.

The Yankee Doodles are a non-professional performance group founded by Danette Dufilho, Anne Lawrence and Regina Yunker. The program includes action rhymes, flash cards and audience participation. The Yankee Doodles are: Danette Dufilho, John Dufilho, Anne Lawrence, Todd Ramsell, Mike Rudnicki & Regina Yunker. HUZZAH! Drop-In Make & Take, all ages.

1-2:30 Saturday, August 3
IT FELT SO GOOD, WET FELTING DEMONSTRATION: Learn the magic of felting with artist Lizzy Wetzel. Transform fibers by stimulating them with friction, moisture, and alkalinity. The resulting felt can be soft and used to make slippers or a fedora hat or tough enough to build a yurt or a sculpture. Join artist Lizzy Wetzel to explore the potential of this ancient process and exciting materials. Drop-In Make & Take, all ages.

2:30-4pm Saturday, August 3
ANTHOTYPE: Rachel Rushing will introduce you to this historical process that combines natural dyeing techniques with the magic of sunlight, plant extracts and photography. Share in a discussion of historical and contemporary methods of image-making with this elusive process. We will consider the technical implications of material, color, contrast, dye methods, and fastness, as well as how this almost bygone process has recently found a resurgence of interest. Drop-In Make & Take, all ages.

2:30-4pm Saturday, August 3
ART LAW BASICS: Meg Friess will discuss the diverse spectrum of legal considerations facing the arts community and creatives, including basics of intellectual property and contracts. Meg is an attorney with the intellectual property firm Hitchcock Evert LLP and is the executive director of Arts Counsel Texas, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves creatives, arts nonprofits and businesses, arts professionals, and attorneys by facilitating art law education, legal advocacy, and creative collaboration.

Thursday, August 8: Late Night
SUMMER STUDIO: The third of three one-hour kids studio art classes taught by Oil and Cotton weekly art class instructor Jessica Sinks. This 3-week drawing course responds to current exhibitions. Advanced registration required through DMA, ages 7 to 18.

Friday, August 8, 2013
GRAB BAG: Shannon Driscoll, Kayli House Cusick and Matthew Cusick will repurpose or deaccess and disburse supplies. Studio will be dismantled and artists will be invited to help find new uses for supplies, furniture, equipment. Drop-In Make & Take, all ages.

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