Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Color in Depth with Rebecca Carter

In anticipation of this Spring's Color-in-Depth course starting Wednesday, January 23rd, this series of blog posts shares some of the exercises and student work from the class. Registration is now open.

Chromatic Neutrals, Mixed Value

Chromatic Neutrals, High Key

Chromatic Neutrals: Low Key

Project | Saturation Studies: Chromatic Neutrals
(Mixed values, and High Key and Low Key samples)
Following David Hornung's book, Color: A Work Shop Approach, we start with a series of saturation studies. First of these are the Chromatic Neutrals, hues that are mostly neutral with just a hint of a discernable hue. These are mixed using large amounts of neutral colors, black, white, grey, or warm or cool neutrals and very small amounts of pure pigments.  It can be challenging to really get to neutral - as you can see some of the hues in these work samples below might be considered to be more muted colors than chromatic neutrals.

Supply kit is $150 and includes all the paints, the bristol board, and a few other useful tools.
Kits will be available the third week of course so that we can determine how many before we order.

Course fee is $450 + $150 for materials.

Wednesdays, January 23-May 1, 6:30-8:30pm
14 Week Series, No class Wednesday, March 13.
Instructor: Rebecca Carter

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