Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Cards and Paper Goods

Holiday cards are a sweet and inexpensive way to let your family know that you are thinking about them every holiday season.  Leaving a special message dedicated to them is always priceless. It may be too late to make the whole family unique handmade cards, but it is not too late to pick up printed holiday gems from Oil and Cotton!

Oil and Cotton is proud to welcome the fun and quirky holiday cards made by 
Squeeze My Hand Letterpress & Custom Design. These wonderfully printed cards are our new favorite gifts around. They are so perfect for saying "Merry Christmas!" to all your loved ones and have a humorous yet classic sensibility. So come and visit us and find the perfect collection of holiday cards for your special people.

Oil and Cotton also carries holiday gift tags made by Lilco Letterpress. Lilly is a design, printmaker, and all around creator. Her projects are created by hand carving linoleum blocks and are hand powered from start to finish.  

Her gift tags would make a great accompaniment to a Lilco Letterpress's prickly pear or agave linocut poster!

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