Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photographing People: Street Photography and Portraits

Two-part series: Saturday, Oct 1-8, 10-1pm

We are very fortunate to be able to offer this class with photographer Kael Alford. Students will examine transcendent photographs in two documentary genres: street photography and portraiture. We’ll discuss what makes great photographs of people stand apart in an image-saturated world. We’ll address how documentary images are discovered and constructed, and explore techniques for telling stories about people in single photos and in groups of images.

Experienced photographers will be encouraged to find ways to make their work more personal and fulfilling and amateurs will be challenged to take their photography out of the realm of snapshots and into the space of shared revelation.

We’ll make some photographs together in the first session, participants will leave the first class with an assignment and return to the next week's class to edit and discuss their work. Though we will review technical skills, participants should know how to use their cameras.
Participants must have their own digital cameras. Digital single lens reflex cameras are preferred, but not essential - you can also bring your point and shoot.

Participants from 12 to 120 are welcome. Please feel free to contact Kael with questions about the class:

Visit our website to register online.

Kael Alford is a documentary photographer and journalist with 15 years of professional, international experience who has recently moved to Oak Cliff. She has taught photography courses to young people, college students and other adults.

You can learn more about Kael and her photography here:

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