Friday, September 30, 2011

Internships at Oil and Cotton

Oil and Cotton offers internships throughout the year for 6-month terms. Interns work on all aspects of small privately owned community art center, including administration, assisting during children's art classes, special event coordination, public relations, social networking, and community outreach. Working directly with owners Kayli House Cusick and Shannon Driscoll, an internship at Oil and Cotton provides invaluable exposure to the art world, art education, and community activism for those pursuing a future in the creative arts.

Our internships are geared toward students seeking degrees in art, art history, arts administration, curatorial studies, graphic design, media studies, museum studies, or public relations, but we welcome applicants of all backgrounds.

To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter, explaining why you want to work at Oil and Cotton and what you hope to gain from the internship, to:

Internship days and hours are flexible. At this time, we are unable to offer a stipend.

Administrative Duties - Monday between 3 -7pm
Teaching Assistants - Tues-Thursday between 3-7pm
Events and Administrative - Evenings and Weekends (mostly Saturdays) between 10am-6pm

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