Friday, October 25, 2013

Dia De Los Muertos Drop-In Workshops and Celebration on November 2nd

Join Oil and Cotton in a celebration of life, death, and creative expression through workshops for kids, families, and adults. This is a drop-in event that does not require pre-registration.

Penny Dreadfuls
For kids ages 6+
4-6 pm
Cost: Free

In the days of Victorian Britain, the Penny Dreadful was popular among children and adolescents. The flimsy paper books  only cost a penny, and were full of scary and sensational stories. Children of the day would form groups to buy and share a Penny Dreadful. 

 In this workshop, Jason Poyfair will teach children the fundamentals of writing their very own scary stories. They will learn the basics of plot and character development. They will learn how to weave a tale of terror suitable for their next camp out or slumber party.

Jason Poyfair is a Ninth Grade English teacher at Everman High School. He has been teaching English for ten years and has a great love for the subject. Teaching Gothic Horror stories is the highlight of his school year. When he is not teaching, he enjoys writing poetry and novels. 

Spirit Catchers: Day of the Living Dead Pinhole Camera Workshop

For Families
$30 per family

Using the simplest form of a camera, see if you can conjure the spirits of the dead to take home photographic proof to all your friends and family. Attendees to this workshop will use pinhole cameras, props, costumes and creative backgrounds to create Dia de los Muertos inspired photographs. We will also discuss past examples and explore the popularity of spirit photography.

Bring in the whole family to create your own spirit portraits using props available in the studio, or bring your own costumes to see who is still watching over you! Learn the art of pinhole photography and see how images come alive. This workshop is appropriate for any level photographer; no experience is required.

Each person will get the chance to practice to learn exposure and development times. Traditional photography chemicals will be in use at the studio, so we request that an adult accompanies minors. Then it is up to your intuition and imagination to catch the spirit of the dead!

Materials included:
Photo paper
1 pinhole camera to take home

Additional sheets of photo paper will be available for sale in the retail shop. 

In Remembrance:  Life and Death in Relation to the Creative Image.

Artist, Elva Maria Salinas invites you to join her in a workshop that celebrates Life and Death in relation to creativity.  The inspiration for the workshop is Dia Del Los Muertos/Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday celebrating the life and death of family and friends who have passed away.

In this workshop, memories, emotions, and thoughts related to life and death become the focus and are used to create a creative vision for a small on site project and long-term project plan.

The workshop includes a small inspiration lecture on artists that explore the relation of life and death, memories of loved ones that have passed, and the relationship that the living have with death.  Followed with an exploration of the participants unique voice through short writing exercises, and an on - site project.

Participants are asked to bring their choice of medium which can include photographs, the camera, watercolor, acrylics, pencil, and pastels.  

Feel free to bring:
And anything that may remind you of family and friends that have passed.

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange
837 W. 7th St.
Dallas, TX

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