Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February 16 Natural Dyes with Sarah Westrup

???Have you been dying to learn the art of natural dyes???
In this introductory class you will experiment with dying silk and cotton in a range of natural dye baths using material such as; black beans, hibiscus flowers, avocado pits, and more.  Unlike synthetic dyes, natural dyes are a living thing. The colors produced are very complex and harmonize together. Each color holds hints of other colors within it. This produces vibrations in the natural dye color that synthetic dyes could never have. There is so much wonder in the fact that every naturally dyed piece of cloth is unique. Come experience the spontaneity and beauty of the colors produced with natural dyes with instructor Sarah Westrup. 
Participant will create a dye notebook, leave with swatches and dye recipes to take home to use as a reference for future natural dyeing adventures.
Natural Dyeing with Sarah Westrup - $65
Saturday, February 16,12:30pm-4:30pm

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