Sunday, December 16, 2012

Color in Depth with Rebecca Carter

In anticipation of this Spring's Color-in-Depth course starting Wednesday, January 23rd, this series of blog posts shares some of the exercises and student work from the class. Registration is now open.

In Class Color Sorting Project
Starting with this:

 We work together to create this:
Color in Depth
Wednesdays, January 23-May 1, 6:30-8:30pm
14 Week Series, No class Wednesday, March 13.
Instructor: Rebecca Carter

Using David Hornung's Color: A Workshop Approach as a text, this course focuses on the subtleties of working with color. In addition to various in-class exercises, students will complete a series of small gouache-on-Bristol board color studies to practice mixing paint and combining color. Students receive a painting kit that enables each person to begin the course with a set of M. Graham's handmade gouache paints with 6 prismatic co-primaries (warm & cool) as well as a set of earth tone primaries. Through series of readings by artists and theorists, students are also introduced to conceptual writings on color from art history and contemporary art. Beginners are welcome. The studio environment is casual yet intentional. For information on the scholarship position, contact Rebecca at
Supply kit is $150 and includes all the paints, the bristol board, and a few other useful tools.
Kits will be available the third week of course so that we can determine how many before we order.
Course fee is $450 + $150 for materials.

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