Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zine Camp: Matthew Cusick, Brandi Strickland, Mylan Nguyen, and Jessica Trevizo

This summer we were lucky to work with many special people during our ZINE CAMP collaboration with The Writer's Garret. Bringing our students together with working artists is important to our mission as a community art exchange. Making these interactions possible leads to long lasting connections and art making experiences that might not happen otherwise. And most importantly our kids LOVE working directly with artists, and that feeling is equally reciprocated by our artists!
Artist and Oil and Cotton family member, Matthew Cusick joined the camp to discuss his DEFACEMENT work, a series pages from old schoolbooks that are altered by sanding and scraping away everything except the page number, an illustration, and a few chosen words. Our zine makers used what they learned from Matt to create "erasure" poems with found text. Below is an example of Elijah's poem in his COLOR zine. A rainbow of colored tapes were used to create his "erasure" poem inspired by his love of art and John Lennon.
Collage artist and all around super lady Brandi Strickland sent a special delivery to Oil and Cotton from her home in Virginia. Zine campers opened a brown paper wrapped box to discover colorful pages from magazines, old book pages, exotic packaging labels, vintage stamps and more gleaned from Brandi's personal cache of collage papers. See Brandi's response to our thank you package here! Below are examples of collage made with Brandi's paper collection. Notice the difference between the original collage and the black and white photocopied zines.
Mylan Nguyen and Jessica Trevizo set up a silk screen studio in Oil and Cotton and taught students about the printmaking process. Students printed their book covers with original artwork created especially for the zine camp by Myaln and Jessica.

Thank you to the artists, students, and teachers that helped to make this the best summer camp ever!
Look for new zine camps this spring! Dates will be announced in November.

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