Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photography Classes at Oil and Cotton

The Camera Obscura and Pinhole Cameras
Saturday, October 13, 11-2pm
Instructor: Laura Barth Turner

This special class will explore two significant historical photographic processes: Pinhole cameras, and the original camera: the Camera Obscura.

The modern term "camera" is derived from the word Camera Obscura (latin for "dark chamber"), a basic optical viewing device that involves a simple hole for a lens, and a wall or board for a screen. It was used by many painters to compose scenes before putting brush to canvas, and experimented with by scientists as early as Aristotle.

The pinhole camera is an extension of this concept- it minimizes the large size of the camera obscura, and adds the ability to actually record an image on light sensitive material, creating mysterious, fleeting, and beautiful one-of-a-kind images.
For this workshop, we will begin by creating and exploring our own room-sized Camera Obscura. Next, we will build individual pinhole cameras, which we will use to make photographs and develop them, leaving you with unique pieces of art to take home with you.
Students will receive a kit that includes all materials. You will take home a reusable pinhole camera, and 8-10 pinhole photographs made during the workshop.

Camera Obscura Kit:
-heavy weight Mat board for building pinhole cameras
-gaffers tape for sealing the camera
-black and White darkroom paper for making prints
-developing chemistry will also be provided

Laura has created a series of photography based classes for Oil and Cotton. Look for more to come, including Polaroid Transfers and Iphoneography!

Laura Turner is an artist whose main medium is photography, though she is also passionate about mixed media projects. She is also very interested in the intersections between film and analog photography, digital photography, and social and mobile mediums.

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