Friday, June 22, 2012

Herbal Cocktail Workshop with Ashley North Compton

Thursday, July 12, 6-9pm
Infusing Liquors & Cocktails (vodka base)
Friday, July 13, 6-9pm
Bitters Tasting; Bitters Making & Cocktails (gin base)
Students may choose to take one or both of the classes.
Each class is $75.

The Herbal Cocktail Workshop, taught by Designer and Herbal-Mixologist Ashley North Compton, will be an interactive study touching on elements of medicinal herbs, the use of culinary and medicinal herbs in cocktails, featuring construction of two signature drinks.
Exploring the continuum of food (or drink) as medicine in a spirited and casual format, the classes will last approximately 3 hours. Utilizing and concocting handmade bitters and infusions and culinary and medical herbs-the attendees will learn to create and design fresh and seasonal cocktails using garden-grown ingredients, natural sweeteners, and spirits.

Skills Learned ::
-sourcing and utilizing ingredients
-infusions, decoctions and bitters making
-different spirit uses and how to achieve the 6-tastes within cocktails
-pairings of ingredients and using gardens to create low-cost and healthy herbal drink
-the art of the cocktail and elements of its history are inherently discussed
-Each student will learn to create at least 2 signature drinks, and will create on their own at the end of the course.

Take Aways::
-1-3oz bottle of handmade bitters (ready to serve 2 weeks after course ends)
-1 8oz bottle of handmade vodka infusions (ready to serve 1-2 weeks after the course ends)
Day 1 :: infusing liquors & cocktail 1 (vodka-based)
Experiment with peppercorns, citrus rinds and dried herbs to create vodka infusions that will be used (pre-finished) in the first course. Students will be provided with materials to label their infused-liquor bottles.

Day 2 :: bitters tasting; bitters making & cocktail 2 (gin-based)
Students will learn about a variety of bitters, and concoct an option of 2 available (grapefruit-fennel or woodland). Students will be provided with materials to label their bitters bottles.
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