Sunday, May 27, 2012

Get Some Relief (Prininting) at Oil and Cotton

Wood Cut Weekender with Brian Scott
June 8, Friday, 6:30-8:30pm - June 9, Saturday, 11-3pm (open studio 3-6pm)

A relief print is an image created by inking a raised surface (recessed areas are ink free) and bringing it in firm contact with paper. A printing-press is not required, as the back of the paper can be rubbed or pressed by hand with a simple tool such as a brayer or roller.

The printing surface or matrix in relief printing is classically created by starting with a flat original surface (wood block, linoleum, rubber, stone, metal) and then removing (e.g., by carving) away areas intended to print white. The remaining areas of the original surface receive the ink. The relief family of techniques includes woodcut, metalcut, wood engraving, relief etching, and linocut.

Explore the art of relief printing with artist Brian Scott during Oil and Cotton's Woodcut Weekender June 8-9.  Learn to conceive, carve, and print an image on on a Linoleum block. Participate in a satisfying and direct art-making process and learn how to powerfully communicate graphically using a “primitive” medium.

Class Objectives
  • choosing suitable themes and designing a strong graphic image
  • block and image preparation
  • discussion of use and care of carving tools
  • cutting a single linoleum block, establishing registration and execution of printing
  • choosing inks and color combinations, edition protocols, and related topics
Each artist will come a away with a finished image and the ability to run an edition (at least 3impressions will be made during class).

Friday, 6:30-8:30pm
Demonstration of cutting techniques and discuss and design images. Also we will transfer our images to the blocks and begin cutting.

Saturday, 11-3pm (open studio 3-6pm)
Work Day! We will have a proofing and printing demonstration. Also finish cutting our linoleum block and proof image. We will print our blocks. Have a demonstration of how to expand the image to a multiple color print. Review and discuss our prints.
*On Saturday, students are welcome to stay until 6pm for open studio to continue printing.

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