Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Songwriting and Music Summer Camp at Oil and Cotton

Back by popular demand, SONGWRITING AND MUSIC CAMP! We will write lyrics, form bands, then write, rehearse, record & perform a single. Bands will develop a visual identity as well, through merchandise - band t-shirt, CD cover & band photo. This camp is a unique opportunity to get a crash course in pop song writing - working with a country & western singer (Floramay), an indy rocker (David) and our in-house classical composition and piano teacher (Kayli). Registration for summer camps has started and folks are signing up. Visit our website to register today.

4-Day Music Camp for ages 7-teens
Instructors: Floramay Holliday, David Karsten Daniels & Kayli Cusick
Mon-Thurs, June 4-7, 9am-12pm
Price: $150
Musical experience (lessons or similar) recommended.
Passion and commitment to hard work, necessary.

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