Saturday, January 28, 2012

M. Graham & Co. Paints at Oil and Cotton

Come By Oil and Cotton to checkout our Sale on M. Graham & Co. Acrylic Paints.

Buy three 2oz. tubes
Get an extra 2 oz.

M. Graham & Co. paints are crafted in small batches with high levels of pigment in order to provide the best color quality.  Each tube of paint is unique and made without fillers and extenders so as to ensure color brilliance for your art making. Their creamy acrylic paints, are made with a whopping 60% of high solid acrylic emulsion. Both their watercolors and gouache mediums perform smoothly and controlled because they are formulated with American honey. These paints are a great addition to any art supplies box.
M. Graham & Co. paints are also the brand of choice for our on going Adult Color Theory Class : Color in Depth. Classes are held Wednesdays nights 6:30-8:30pm from now until May 23. Find more about our adult studio art and craft classes on our website.

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