Monday, October 24, 2011

Embroidery at Oil and Cotton

Our embroidery teacher, Stephanie Scoggin brought the finished example for her next workshop, a beautifully embellished linen clutch. During our visit we discussed the history of needlework and the similarities and differences of this craft throughout various cultures and it's evolution.

This evening I spent hours looking at strange embroidery samplers found via VADS, brightly colored examples of African embroidery on black cloth, intricately decorated Indian dresses, and revisited several artists that use embroidery and thread in their work like Maurizio Anseri and Gabriel Dawe.

This is a simple tutorial about Shashiko, a Japanese tradition of embroidery. I like the bold contrast of the  indigo dyed cloth against the white thread that is most often used in Shashiko embroidery .

To learn more about the history and art of embroidery please join us for our next workshop.

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