Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sharing Our Space With You...

Lately we have been fortunate to share our space with sweet families and friends. The lovely Joslyn Taylor hosted her daughter Audrey's Birthday Party here and added her golden touch to create a very special day. Friends celebrated with Audrey and made dream catchers dripping with with feathers, beads, and rainbows of color.
Our friend Mari Hidalgo threw a bridal shower for her close friend. Guests helped to create decorations for the wedding day. Shredded fabric was laced onto cord and made into a garland. Paper flowers were fashioned into festive decorations.
And last night Oil and Cotton was transformed into a Dance Hall for Jeff Whittington and Leila Grothe's double birthday blow-out.
This is a before picture, the during party shots were too full of mayhem and down and dirty dancing to share. To learn more about booking an event at Oil and Cotton please call or email. We look forward to sharing our space with you.

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