Friday, October 1, 2010

This Saturday - Clay and Cyanotypes...

In part one of this two session class students use their hands to build artwork out of earth clay. The clay will be fired to prepare for part two of the class where students learn to glaze. This Saturday from 10-11:30.
This class will introduce students to the history of the Cyanotype process. Students will learn how to mix chemicals to make sensitizing solutions and application techniques for coating various papers, fabric. Photograms may be created with botanical specimens, feathers, lace, stencils, and other objects (no film, camera, or negatives needed for photograms). Most of the class will take place outside, as sunlight will be used to expose the Cyanotypes.

This workshop is adaptable for participants of all ages and levels of experience.
Teacher: Shannon Driscoll
October 2nd, 1-3pm

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